About us

We have a dedicated team of professionals to cater to all your insurance-related concerns. Our experts offer seamless service and end-to-end insurance support related to renewals, claims, and endorsements.

Who are we

Founded by Mr. Ashok Sachdev, TSG is a group of companies having dealership of Toyota, Ford & Hyundai across Delhi NCR, by the name Galaxy Toyota, Hans Hyundai & Harpreet Ford. Our Insurance division with decades of experience working with leading insurance companies bring a rich experience for our customer’s in choosing the right insurance product for themselves.

Our Values

At TSG insurance, we understand that unplanned financial burden in life, may be from an accident or from a life-altering illness, unless your family is well-to-do, such events can lead to a major financial setback, which may affect the life of our loved one’s.

When there are several insurance options available online or offline, we look forward to understand among all the options which one is best suited for our customer’s, and choose a policy that best serve’s our customer’s interest & requirement.

We look forward to build a strong lifetime relationship with our customer’s through our dedicated insurance team who will not only think for economic interest of policy provider, but will strive to earn our clients satisfaction & winning our customer’s trust for lifetime.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide optimum value to our customer’s at the most competitive price in a fair & transparent manner. Our team of insurance experts work hard to help customer’s in-

  • Understanding the requirement.
  • Assess customer’s financial situation.
  • Offer best insurance product at best price to our customer’s.
  • Help customer’s in claims settlement.
  • Help our customer’s in case of any breakdown.
  • Be there when our customer need us.